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H A Dnxt_port_hash.c45 nxt_port_hash_retrieve(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash) in nxt_port_hash_retrieve()
63 nxt_port_hash_add(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_port_t *port) in nxt_port_hash_add()
94 nxt_port_hash_remove(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_port_t *port) in nxt_port_hash_remove()
123 nxt_port_hash_find(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_pid_t pid, in nxt_port_hash_find()
H A Dnxt_router.h110 nxt_lvlhsh_t port_hash; /* of nxt_port_t */ member
H A Dnxt_unit.c6419 nxt_unit_port_hash_add(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_unit_port_t *port) in nxt_unit_port_hash_add()
6443 nxt_unit_port_hash_find(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_unit_port_id_t *port_id, in nxt_unit_port_hash_find()