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H A Dapp.java18 Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies(); in doGet() local
H A Dwebsocket_router_request.js43 WebSocketRouterRequest.prototype.accept = function(origin, cookies) { argument
H A Dwebsocket_request.js248 WebSocketRequest.prototype.accept = function(acceptedProtocol, allowedOrigin, cookies) { argument
H A Dnxt_http_request.c990 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_cookies_parse() local
1026 nxt_http_cookie_parse(nxt_array_t *cookies, u_char *start, const u_char *end) in nxt_http_cookie_parse()
H A Dnxt_http_variables.c445 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_var_cookie() local
H A Dnxt_http_route.c49 nxt_conf_value_t *cookies; member
1991 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_route_cookies() local
H A Dnxt_http.h153 nxt_array_t *cookies; /* of nxt_http_name_value_t */ member
H A DRequest.java82 protected CookieCutter cookies = null; field in Request
422 Cookie[] cookies = getCookies(); in parseRequestSessionId() local