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28 nxt_int_t nxt_clone_credential_setgroups(nxt_task_t *task, pid_t child_pid,
30 nxt_int_t nxt_clone_credential_map_set(nxt_task_t *task, const char* mapfile,
33 nxt_int_t nxt_clone_credential_map_write(nxt_task_t *task, const char *mapfile,
38 nxt_clone_credential_setgroups(nxt_task_t *task, pid_t child_pid, in nxt_clone_credential_setgroups() argument
50 nxt_alert(task, "error write past the buffer: %s", path); in nxt_clone_credential_setgroups()
64 nxt_alert(task, "open(%s): %E", path, nxt_errno); in nxt_clone_credential_setgroups()
75 nxt_alert(task, "write(%s): %E", path, nxt_errno); in nxt_clone_credential_setgroups()
84 nxt_clone_credential_map_write(nxt_task_t *task, const char *mapfile, in nxt_clone_credential_map_write() argument
96 nxt_alert(task, "writing past the buffer"); in nxt_clone_credential_map_write()
104 nxt_alert(task, "failed to open proc map (%s) %E", buf, nxt_errno); in nxt_clone_credential_map_write()
114 nxt_alert(task, "failed to write %s: Check kernel maximum " \ in nxt_clone_credential_map_write()
118 nxt_alert(task, "failed to write proc map (%s) %E", buf, in nxt_clone_credential_map_write()
134 nxt_clone_credential_map_set(nxt_task_t *task, const char* mapfile, pid_t pid, in nxt_clone_credential_map_set() argument
164 nxt_alert(task, "write past the mapinfo buffer"); in nxt_clone_credential_map_set()
189 nxt_alert(task, "write past mapinfo buffer"); in nxt_clone_credential_map_set()
195 ret = nxt_clone_credential_map_write(task, mapfile, pid, mapinfo); in nxt_clone_credential_map_set()
204 nxt_clone_credential_map(nxt_task_t *task, pid_t pid, in nxt_clone_credential_map() argument
213 rt = task->thread->runtime; in nxt_clone_credential_map()
230 ret = nxt_clone_credential_map_set(task, "uid_map", pid, app_creds->uid, in nxt_clone_credential_map()
238 ret = nxt_clone_credential_setgroups(task, pid, rule); in nxt_clone_credential_map()
240 nxt_alert(task, "failed to write /proc/%d/setgroups", pid); in nxt_clone_credential_map()
244 ret = nxt_clone_credential_map_set(task, "gid_map", pid, app_creds->base_gid, in nxt_clone_credential_map()
257 nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap(nxt_task_t *task, in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap() argument
269 rt = task->thread->runtime; in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap()
273 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_NOTICE, "\"uidmap\" field has %d entries " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap()
283 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_NOTICE, "\"uidmap\" field has an entry for " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap()
303 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_NOTICE, "\"uidmap\" field has no \"container\" " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_uidmap()
311 nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap(nxt_task_t *task, in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap() argument
319 rt = task->thread->runtime; in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
324 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_NOTICE, in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
338 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_NOTICE, "\"gidmap\" field has %d entries " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
348 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has an entry for " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
356 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has an entry with " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
364 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
378 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has no entries " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
431 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has no \"container\" " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
438 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has missing " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()