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# 1912:942e252e3f4c 02-Jul-2021 Oisin Canty

Tests: Ruby hooks.

Revision tags: 1.24.0-1, 1.24.0
# 1877:e09738cfc6be 24-May-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: test_settings_send_timeout improved.

Data length adjusts depending on socket buffer size when it's possible.

Revision tags: 1.23.0-1, 1.23.0
# 1803:57b43c5bf726 08-Feb-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added "--restart" option.

Now Unit do not restart after each test by default.

Revision tags: 1.22.0-1, 1.22.0
# 1772:03a6609f2c5e 13-Jan-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: waitformount() and waitforunmount() introduced.

# 1740:53149d20bb97 09-Dec-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: isolation check moved to the pytest_sessionstart().

This change eliminates the need for some classes
to run Unit one more time before running tests.

# 1735:a0e0d4f90e51 08-Dec-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: utils module introduced.