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# 2212:975ab1624784 11-Oct-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: don't try to return response when "no_recv" is True.

Revision tags: 1.28.0-1, 1.28.0
# 2182:55860ad40a93 25-Aug-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added tests with abstract UNIX sockets.

# 2167:e38ab67c7f63 28-Jul-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added flags to search functions in proto.py.

Also removed unnesessary re.compile() calls.

Revision tags: 1.27.0-1, 1.27.0
# 2073:bc6ad31ce286 11-Apr-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: style.

Revision tags: 1.26.1-1, 1.26.1, 1.26.0-1, 1.26.0, 1.25.0-1, 1.25.0
# 1922:53a9f4983fe0 23-Jul-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added SNI test without hostname in request.

Revision tags: 1.24.0-1, 1.24.0
# 1848:4bd548074e2c 05-Apr-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: style.

# 1843:1dab4306e8da 26-Mar-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: SNI.

Revision tags: 1.23.0-1, 1.23.0, 1.22.0-1, 1.22.0
# 1741:8c05e9ddbffb 09-Dec-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: TestUnit class removed.

Prerequisite checks moved to the fixture in conftest.py.

# 1730:44912af5b3e6 06-Dec-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: options moved to the separate class.

This change is necessary to separate the logic
and prevent possible circular dependency.

Revision tags: 1.21.0-1, 1.21.0
# 1706:a1da56837554 16-Nov-2020 Max Romanov

Tests: fixing tests interrupt in terminal.

KeyboardInterrupt re-raised.

# 1654:fc7d0578e124 19-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: fixed unit.log print.

Revision tags: 1.20.0-1, 1.20.0
# 1635:97afbb6c5a15 07-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: minor fixes.

# 1608:283a8bcf8d2e 21-Sep-2020 Max Romanov

Tests: using dict.get() method with default value.

No functional changes. Only code readability improved.

# 1596:b7e2d4d92624 16-Sep-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: migrated to the pytest.

Revision tags: 1.19.0-1, 1.19.0, 1.18.0-1, 1.18.0
# 1477:b93d1acf81bd 15-May-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: style.

Revision tags: 1.17.0-1, 1.17.0
# 1453:71af60a59338 14-Apr-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: minor fixes and style.

# 1444:8f7f7970c07a 03-Apr-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added notification on "read_timeout" expiration.

# 1424:449e7e7d25c9 23-Mar-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: increase default "read_timeout" value to 60s.

This change is necessary to avoid errors on slow hosts.

Also slightly reworked argument passing to the recvall() function.

# 1423:fdc49da4c1ae 23-Mar-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added notification on unsuccessful connect().

Revision tags: 1.16.0-1, 1.16.0
# 1372:ee63e98a5601 02-Mar-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: truncated huge messages while logging.

Revision tags: 1.15.0-1, 1.15.0
# 1355:20971df0d346 05-Feb-2020 Tiago Natel de Moura

Tests: add helper for form-data and multipart.

Revision tags: 1.14.0-1, 1.14.0
# 1296:77f76e7b800f 26-Nov-2019 Tiago Natel

Tests: added getjson() helper.

# 1295:f60a68728306 26-Nov-2019 Tiago Natel

Tests: parsing of "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" responses.

Revision tags: 1.13.0-1, 1.13.0
# 1272:6e3ae4134cde 14-Nov-2019 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: waitforsocket() introduced.

# 1256:60e5df142860 08-Nov-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: fixed operator in http.py.