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# 2004:ca4c5855f139 15-Nov-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: refactored working with processes.

Revision tags: 1.25.0-1, 1.25.0
# 1938:418e225f58e4 12-Aug-2021 Max Romanov

Java: upgrading third-party components.

# 1931:747666e4bec3 09-Aug-2021 Max Romanov

Java: upgrading third-party components.

Revision tags: 1.24.0-1, 1.24.0, 1.23.0-1, 1.23.0
# 1816:91b04f5068f5 22-Mar-2021 "Sergey A. Osokin"

Java: upgrading third-party components.

Revision tags: 1.22.0-1, 1.22.0
# 1730:44912af5b3e6 06-Dec-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: options moved to the separate class.

This change is necessary to separate the logic
and prevent possible circular dependency.

Revision tags: 1.21.0-1, 1.21.0
# 1706:a1da56837554 16-Nov-2020 Max Romanov

Tests: fixing tests interrupt in terminal.

KeyboardInterrupt re-raised.

# 1678:a9042510f953 03-Nov-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: force applications to build for JVM 8.

This change is made to avoid situations when an application
is compiled for a version newer than the Java module used.

# 1677:ccd5c695b739 02-Nov-2020 Max Romanov

Java: upgrading 3rd-party components.

# 1670:099c23b00eaf 27-Oct-2020 Max Romanov

Tests: improving get_application_type() and fixing its name.

This patch also enables multiversion tests running for Java.

# 1657:0821c0c05a9f 27-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: fixed isolation detection.

# 1654:fc7d0578e124 19-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: fixed unit.log print.

Revision tags: 1.20.0-1, 1.20.0
# 1635:97afbb6c5a15 07-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: minor fixes.

# 1621:275b26bbd3ae 01-Oct-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: minor fixes.

Fixed temporary dir removing.
Fixed printing path to log.
Module checks moved to the separate file.

# 1596:b7e2d4d92624 16-Sep-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: migrated to the pytest.

Revision tags: 1.19.0-1, 1.19.0, 1.18.0-1, 1.18.0
# 1477:b93d1acf81bd 15-May-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: style.

Revision tags: 1.17.0-1, 1.17.0, 1.16.0-1, 1.16.0
# 1388:375fcf0e75a7 10-Mar-2020 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: redirect tests output to the stdout.

Revision tags: 1.15.0-1, 1.15.0, 1.14.0-1, 1.14.0
# 1303:248eeec4c272 11-Nov-2019 Tiago Natel

Tests: added support for testing "user" and "group".

Revision tags: 1.13.0-1, 1.13.0, 1.12.0-1, 1.12.0
# 1208:220272baa960 25-Sep-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: fixed hanging of Go tests.

This closes #319 issue on GitHub.

Revision tags: 1.11.0-2, 1.11.0-1, 1.11.0
# 1163:ec7aad540d72 16-Sep-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: style and minor fixes in java.py.

# 1157:7ae152bda303 05-Sep-2019 Max Romanov

Java: introducing websocket support.

Revision tags: 1.10.0-2, 1.10.0-1, 1.10.0
# 1128:b41fd9ccbe61 21-Aug-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: reverted rerun for Java tests in 5e429a7f133c.

Each testcase should also recompile to be recompiled.
So backed out for now.

# 1116:5e429a7f133c 06-Aug-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: rerun tests for each module version.

Rerun supported for Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Java modules.

Revision tags: 1.9.0-1, 1.9.0
# 1050:5b9ec6a8ae06 26-Apr-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: check application configuration loading.

# 1041:9bdd46610ea9 22-Apr-2019 Valentin Bartenev

Tests: using "pass" option instead of deprecated "application".

# 1019:61d90b4da691 28-Mar-2019 Andrey Zelenkov

Tests: unit module refactoring.