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# 2171:20f712007059 08-Aug-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: added tests with UNIX sockets in "source".

# 2130:638b03fe73f0 20-Jun-2022 Zhidao HONG

Tests: reworked client IP tests.

Revision tags: 1.27.0-1, 1.27.0
# 2066:242192963d93 31-Jan-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: removed TestApplicationTLS.get_server_certificate().

distutils.version is replaced by packaging.version. Also minor style fixes.

Revision tags: 1.26.1-1, 1.26.1, 1.26.0-1, 1.26.0
# 1984:06514cd08a35 02-Nov-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: removed unused imports.

# 1971:3410f9d2a662 18-Oct-2021 Andrei Zeliankou

Tests: style.

Revision tags: 1.25.0-1, 1.25.0
# 1937:0791ba191da0 12-Aug-2021 Oisin Canty

Tests: client IP address replacement.