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2239:9f3bfc23b64f04-Nov-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: relaxed dependencies between modules and base package.
This allows us to update base or single modules packages without
updating the whole set.

2233:2b2b341c23df04-Nov-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: added Python 3.8 and Python 3.9 modules on RHEL 8 clones.
Refs: https://github.com/nginx/unit/issues/778

2227:6fb5db4f1d9727-Oct-2022 Alejandro Colomar

Fixed path for sed(1).

Some distros provide it in /bin/sed and others in both /bin/sed
and /usr/bin/sed. Use the more available one.

Reported-by: Konstantin Pavlov <thresh@nginx.com>
Fixes: ac64ff

Fixed path for sed(1).

Some distros provide it in /bin/sed and others in both /bin/sed
and /usr/bin/sed. Use the more available one.

Reported-by: Konstantin Pavlov <thresh@nginx.com>
Fixes: ac64ffde5718 "Improved readability of <docker-entrypoint.sh>."
Signed-off-by: Alejandro Colomar <alx@nginx.com>

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2226:b72c08cace1124-Oct-2022 javad mnjd

Improved readability of <docker-entrypoint.sh>.

Cc: Konstantin Pavlov <thresh@nginx.com>
Signed-off-by: Alejandro Colomar <alx@nginx.com>

Revision tags: 1.28.0-1, 1.28.0
2198:ea073fb3cb7512-Sep-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Generated Dockerfiles for Unit 1.28.0.

2193:15275ad20e6109-Sep-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Regenerated Dockerfiles.

2192:e17b37bbfff909-Sep-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: bumped language versions, moved jsc11 to eclipse-temurin.

openjdk builds are no longer provided in the docker library due to deprecation.

2191:cc6cc1bb1fd921-Jun-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packaging: removed support for SLES and derivatives.
The packages were never built for those OSes.

2138:8223904cc4bb20-Jun-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: cleanup targets that are not supported anymore.

2136:5bcedb04682620-Jun-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: dropped /etc/unit directory.

It's never used.

Revision tags: 1.27.0-1, 1.27.0
2119:8a9055cbe4ff02-Jun-2022 Andrei Zeliankou

Generated Dockerfiles for Unit 1.27.0.

2116:c8fd41f564cf31-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packaging: added support for RHEL 9.

2107:cd075799fad926-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packaging: Go: use GO111MODULE=auto in build instructions.

2103:6e61a013417e16-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: ship README.md and CONTRIBUTING.md.

2100:e8ecffe8010305-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Packages: added Ubuntu 22.04 "jammy" support.

2092:d4ee68907b0511-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Regenerated Dockerfiles.

2091:1b18733cb11310-May-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: bumped language versions.

2070:25521d7d452115-Feb-2022 Valentin Bartenev

Updated copyright notice.

2063:f05ba33bcd7913-Jan-2022 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: bumped Python image version.

2057:821a502967d217-Dec-2021 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: bumped PHP image version.

2056:63aa9012876c01-Dec-2021 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: made Dockerfiles architecture agnostic.

Revision tags: 1.26.1-1, 1.26.1
2046:1a08f884b24e02-Dec-2021 Valentin Bartenev

Generated Dockerfiles for Unit 1.26.1.

2042:56540a52177d02-Dec-2021 Andrei Belov

Packages: added systemd service for debug binary.

2037:11dbc1bcdd5630-Nov-2021 Konstantin Pavlov

Docker: respect the binary from CMD in the entrypoint.

2036:7e018fce798501-Dec-2021 Andrei Belov

Packages: adjusted debhelper minimal version for Debian/Ubuntu.

Forgotten in 199a11eceb3c.

While here, Standards-Version increased to 4.1.4 (matches Ubuntu 18.04
as the oldest supported distro).