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27:ee64aa83e4eb16-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

Some basic HTTP handling in controller.

26:567553fcbd0614-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Solaris compatibilty.

25:eade71762bd214-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Adding CFLAGS to link commands to pass flags required by

24:958584ee1fc214-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Fixed building on FreeBSD.

23:600903c9895714-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Importing memory cache pool changes from nJScript.

22:2a59c3e6b1f214-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Zero size memory pool allocations have been disabled in unit test
becuase they are handled incorrectly with the -DNXT_DEBUG_MEMORY=1

21:533471357c7b14-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Fixed unit tests building broken by the previous commit.

20:4dc92b438f5809-Mar-2017 Igor Sysoev

Processes refactoring.
The cycle has been renamed to the runtime.

19:385969e9f50307-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

More optimizations of HTTP parser.

SSE 4.2 code removed, since loop unrolling gives better results.

18:f460131bfd8307-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

HTTP parser benchmark.

17:4903f5064fd206-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

Cleanup of memory allocated in nxt_mem_cache_pool_unit_test().

Leak sanitizer is happy now.

16:c382e548cbb601-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

HTTP parser.

15:b0324c4caf7001-Mar-2017 Valentin Bartenev

Removed legacy HTTP parser.

14:556c5643cb8d22-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

Port changes.

13:3a52b2c3d3f122-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

I/O operations refactoring.

12:477899a6661b07-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

Event engines refactoring.

11:fe646b09613001-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

Process channels have been renamed to ports.

10:a8e68ed0686301-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

nxt_str_t changes.

9:30f88d2498de01-Feb-2017 Igor Sysoev

More refactoring relicts removed.

8:9050c2eb948c31-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

Fixes of various issues introduced by refactoring.

7:be7025f805f431-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

Event engine timers refactoring.

6:6b3ce47b766330-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

nxt_event_timer has been renamed to nxt_timer.

5:3594a19ddcaf29-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

Importing rbtree changes from nJScript.

4:76c63e9b632227-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

Work queues refactoring.

3:8a5b5a59a4d624-Jan-2017 Igor Sysoev

Now CFLAGS variable allows to overwrite configured options.