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Revision tags: release-1.20.2, release-1.21.4
7942:3f0ab7b6cd7125-Oct-2021 Maxim Dounin

MIME: added image/avif type.

Prodded by Ryo Hirafuji, André Rømcke, Artur Juraszek.

Revision tags: release-1.21.3, release-1.21.2, release-1.21.1, release-1.20.1, release-1.21.0
7834:b3f4d83d6fd008-May-2021 Maxim Dounin

MIME: added application/wasm type (ticket #1606).

Revision tags: release-1.20.0, release-1.19.10, release-1.19.9, release-1.19.8, release-1.19.7, release-1.19.6, release-1.19.5, release-1.19.4, release-1.19.3, release-1.19.2, release-1.19.1, release-1.19.0, release-1.18.0, release-1.17.10, release-1.17.9, release-1.17.8, release-1.17.7, release-1.17.6, release-1.17.5, release-1.17.4, release-1.16.1, release-1.17.3, release-1.17.2, release-1.17.1, release-1.17.0, release-1.16.0, release-1.15.12, release-1.15.11, release-1.15.10, release-1.15.9, release-1.15.8, release-1.14.2, release-1.15.7, release-1.14.1, release-1.15.6, release-1.15.5, release-1.15.4, release-1.15.3, release-1.15.2, release-1.15.1
7303:118885f7a57715-Jun-2018 Valentin Bartenev

MIME: added font/woff2 type (ticket #1243).

7302:bf1a7b36359815-Jun-2018 Valentin Bartenev

MIME: changed type for woff to font/woff (ticket #1243).

According to RFC 8081 the previously used application/font-woff
type is deprecated.

Revision tags: release-1.15.0, release-1.14.0, release-1.13.12, release-1.13.11, release-1.13.10, release-1.13.9, release-1.13.8, release-1.13.7, release-1.12.2, release-1.13.6
7115:4ff31c785d0c02-Oct-2017 Maxim Dounin

MIME: added most common OpenDocument types.

Requested by Michiel Leenaars.

7114:b31caae8cc7b02-Oct-2017 Maxim Dounin

MIME: style.

Restored alphabetical order within groups, OOXML types placed to
the application/ group and wrapped to avoid lines longer than 80 chars.

Revision tags: release-1.13.5, release-1.13.4, release-1.12.1, release-1.13.3, release-1.13.2, release-1.13.1, release-1.13.0, release-1.12.0, release-1.11.13, release-1.11.12, release-1.11.11, release-1.11.10, release-1.10.3, release-1.11.9, release-1.11.8, release-1.11.7, release-1.11.6, release-1.10.2, release-1.11.5, release-1.11.4, release-1.11.3, release-1.11.2, release-1.10.1, release-1.11.1, release-1.11.0, release-1.10.0, release-1.9.15, release-1.9.14, release-1.9.13, release-1.9.12, release-1.9.11, release-1.8.1, release-1.9.10, release-1.9.9, release-1.9.8, release-1.9.7, release-1.9.6, release-1.9.5, release-1.9.4, release-1.9.3, release-1.9.2
6168:62869a9b2e7d05-Jun-2015 Maxim Dounin

Added the REQUEST_SCHEME parameter.

The REQUEST_SCHEME parameter was introduced in Apache 2.3.11 and seems
to be used by some scripts now. It looks more logical than previously
used HTTPS.

Revision tags: release-1.9.1, release-1.9.0, release-1.8.0, release-1.6.3, release-1.7.12, release-1.7.11, release-1.7.10, release-1.7.9, release-1.7.8, release-1.7.7, release-1.7.6, release-1.6.2, release-1.7.5, release-1.6.1, release-1.7.4, release-1.7.3, release-1.7.2, release-1.7.1, release-1.7.0, release-1.6.0, release-1.5.13, release-1.4.7, release-1.5.12
5602:b799b9d62c4506-Mar-2014 Filipe da Silva

MIME: added application/xspf+xml MIME type (ticket #479).

5599:68e41f0cb20704-Mar-2014 Roman Arutyunyan

MIME: added video/mp2t and application/vnd.apple.mpegurl types.

Both types are used by HLS. The values are taken from RFC 3555
and HLS specification respectively.

Revision tags: release-1.4.6, release-1.5.11, release-1.4.5, release-1.5.10, release-1.5.9, release-1.5.8, release-1.4.4, release-1.5.7, release-1.4.3, release-1.5.6
5383:1adfe7a260eb18-Sep-2013 Piotr Sikora

MIME: added application/json MIME type.

Signed-off-by: Piotr Sikora <piotr@cloudflare.com>

Revision tags: release-1.5.5, release-1.5.4
5338:010bb2e21f3f23-Aug-2013 Sergey Kandaurov

MIME: eot MIME type updated to follow IANA (ticket #306).

5337:07ef29f69a5423-Aug-2013 Sergey Kandaurov

MIME: added the most common OOXML MIME types (ticket #243).

5336:aeabb6ae574d23-Aug-2013 Sergey Kandaurov

MIME: added application/font-woff MIME type (ticket #292).

5326:d22eb224aedf17-Aug-2013 Maxim Dounin

Whitespace fix.

5319:50f531a55b7307-Aug-2013 Sergey Budnevitch

Fixed misleading example SSL config.

a) ssl as listen parameter is preferable.
b) ssl_protocols defaults are better because they do not forbid TLS versions
1.1 and 1.2.
c) ssl_session_timeout has

Fixed misleading example SSL config.

a) ssl as listen parameter is preferable.
b) ssl_protocols defaults are better because they do not forbid TLS versions
1.1 and 1.2.
c) ssl_session_timeout has sense only with SSL cache.

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5311:ae3fd1ca62e031-Jul-2013 Valentin Bartenev

MIME: use "application/javascript" for .js files.

Though there are several MIME types commonly used for JavaScript nowadays,
the most common being "text/javascript", "application/javascript", and

MIME: use "application/javascript" for .js files.

Though there are several MIME types commonly used for JavaScript nowadays,
the most common being "text/javascript", "application/javascript", and
currently used by nginx "application/x-javascript", RFC 4329 prefers

The "charset_types" directive's default value was adjusted accordingly.

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Revision tags: release-1.5.3, release-1.4.2, release-1.5.2, release-1.5.1, release-1.2.9, release-1.4.1, release-1.5.0, release-1.4.0, release-1.3.16, release-1.2.8, release-1.3.15, release-1.3.14, release-1.3.13, release-1.2.7, release-1.3.12, release-1.3.11, release-1.3.10, release-1.2.6, release-1.3.9, release-1.2.5, release-1.3.8, release-1.3.7, release-1.2.4, release-1.3.6, release-1.3.5, release-1.2.3, release-1.3.4, release-1.3.3, release-1.2.2, release-1.3.2, release-1.3.1, release-1.3.0, release-1.2.0, release-1.0.15, release-1.1.19, release-1.1.18, release-1.0.14, release-1.1.17, release-1.0.13, release-1.1.16, release-1.1.15, release-1.0.12, release-1.1.14, release-1.1.13, release-1.1.12
4379:4e2551a8329125-Dec-2011 Valentin Bartenev

Added the HTTPS fastcgi_param to fastcgi.conf.

Revision tags: release-1.0.11, release-1.1.11
4333:352a7b025f2e09-Dec-2011 Valentin Bartenev

Added HTTPS param with Apache-like behaviour to fastcgi/scgi/uwsgi_params (fixes #38).

Revision tags: release-1.1.10, release-1.1.9
4301:0688cf5d73ec21-Nov-2011 Maxim Konovalov

svgz extension for compressed SVG added (close #56).

Revision tags: release-1.0.10, release-1.1.8
4281:3a3a2d767ecd14-Nov-2011 Valentin Bartenev

Added image/webp and video/webm MIME types.

Revision tags: release-1.0.9, release-1.1.7
4231:d50883ff243328-Oct-2011 Igor Sysoev

Adding m4a and m4v MIME types (closed #42).

Revision tags: release-1.1.6, release-1.1.5, release-1.0.8, release-1.0.7, release-1.1.4, release-1.1.3
4086:dceb4f50966109-Sep-2011 Igor Sysoev

"video/mp4" mime type added.

Revision tags: release-1.1.2, release-1.0.6, release-1.1.1, release-1.1.0, release-0.7.69, release-0.8.55, release-1.0.5
3938:1e90599af73b27-Jun-2011 Igor Sysoev

use !aNULL to disable all anonymous cipher suites
patch by Rob Stradling

Revision tags: release-1.0.4, release-1.0.3, release-1.0.2, release-1.0.1, release-1.0.0, release-0.9.7, release-0.9.6, release-0.9.5
3865:cff87803b89821-Feb-2011 Igor Sysoev

fix xhtml mime type
thanks to Michael Lustfield
the previous value has been suggested by Konstantin Arkhipov

Revision tags: release-0.9.4, release-0.7.68, release-0.8.54, release-0.9.3, release-0.9.2, release-0.9.1
3807:bc00fc9eabb730-Nov-2010 Igor Sysoev

add audio/ogg