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nginx Mercurial: (default) 2021-10-21 18:44 +0300 6594 2021-10-21 18:44 +0300 65946a191197 Maxim Dounin <> SSL: SSL_sendfile() support with kernel TLS.

Requires OpenSSL 3.0 compiled with "enable-ktls" option. Further, KTLS
needs to be enabled in kernel, and in OpenSSL, either via OpenSSL
configuration file or with "ssl_conf_command Options KTLS;" in nginx

On FreeBSD, kernel TLS is available starting with FreeBSD 13.0, and
can be enabled with "sysctl kern.ipc.tls.enable=1" and "kldload ktls_ocf"
to load a software backend, see man ktls(4) for details.

On Linux, kernel TLS is available starting with kernel 4.13 (at least 5.2
is recommended), and needs kernel compiled with CONFIG_TLS=y (with
CONFIG_TLS=m, which is used at least on Ubuntu 21.04 by default,
the tls module needs to be loaded with "modprobe tls").
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unit Mercurial: (default) 2021-10-21 15:28 +0300 199a 2021-10-21 15:28 +0300 199a11eceb3c Andrei Belov <> Packages: removed support for EOL'ed Debian/Ubuntu distros.

While here, default debhelper compat level bumped to 11 (this is the
version installed out of the box on Ubuntu 18.04 "bionic" which is
the oldest one from supported distros).
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