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nginx Mercurial: (default) 2022-01-22 00:28 +0300 5d88 2022-01-22 00:28 +0300 5d88e2bf92b3 Maxim Dounin <> Contrib: vim syntax adjusted to save cpoptions (ticket #2276).

Line continuation as used in the syntax file might be broken if "compatible"
is set or "C" is added to cpoptions. Fix is to set the "cpoptions" option
to vim default value at script start and restore it later, see
":help use-cpo-save".
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unit Mercurial: (default) 2022-01-17 11:16 +0300 d72e 2022-01-17 11:16 +0300 d72ee84af280 Konstantin Pavlov <> Generated Dockerfile for Python 3.10. show more ...